Behind the Music:

Schubert: Ständchen (Serenade) as played by Bill Finizio
When I was six years old, my teacher gave me a new book of piano solo arrangements. One Sunday morning, while my parents and three sisters were sleeping on the second floor of our home in Newark, NJ, I crept downstairs and could not wait to read through the new book my teacher had given me. I turned the pages and discovered a piece entitled Ständchen. I began playing it and burst into tears midway through it. Even though I never heard classical music in our home, I felt as though I knew this piece. I played it over and over again and louder and louder. The sound awakened my mother who came rushing downstairs to find me crying. “Why are you crying?” she asked quite alarmed. “Oh mother, it’s the most beautiful piece I ever heard,” I replied. My mother could only take me into her arms and hug me.